Be with your Child

Your child needs you most during exams

It is exam time for your children and you are worried about them. You want them to do well in exams. You cannot say anything as they are already stressed.  You want them to study you don’t say so. The child has become irritable, he doesn’t keep good health, he is depressed, has headaches. 

Here are a few things you can keep in mind while tackling a similar situation. 

First and foremost, we must all realize that beating stress is all about feeling in control of the situation and that is what we have to equip children with. 

Support the child taking the exam

Avoid things that you know tempt the child and distracts from the studies. These can be social gathering, your viewing television etc. You may involve the family in quiet activities. 

Make yourself available for the child

Don’t keep yourself too preoccupied with other issues during the exams. Let him not feel left alone with the so-called exam monster. Be there with your child. He might want to talk to you. Your mere presence might boost his moral. 

Don’t nag or threaten your child

Don’t nag him to keep studying and study harder. Don’t even threaten to switching of the TV or take away the breaks or ban meeting friends. Fact is that last minute learning is not much help. Instead encourage the child to revise what he has learnt. Make him take regular breaks. 

Express and Instill confidence in the child’s abilities

Express your confidence in the child’s abilities. Tell him that you love him whatever may be the outcome of the exam. Encourage by providing the right environment to study rather than to force him to study. 

Follow a balanced timetable

Help him create a balanced timetable and support him in sticking to it. Let the child take control of his study schedule. Avoid frequent late night studying. Make sure that the child take eating as well as exercise breaks. 

Don’t transmit your anxiety to the child

It might be a very crucial exam that your child is appearing for you might be very anxious that the child does well in it. Still don’t transmit your anxiety to the child. Don’t pressurize him to do well in exams and don’t add incentives to his doing well in the exams. 

Let them speak their concerns

Encourage them to speak their mind and discuss their concerns. See if they need your support in some specific way and support them. Make them feel loved. Be positive and reassuring to the child. 

Most importantly just be with him at this time.  

Extra Tips for Parents