Benefits of Online Education

Online Education  - Education and Technology Hand in Hand

Ballpoint pen manufactures are falling head over heels to advertise the latest technology they incorporate in their pens, as if a pen was some kind of rocket ship to the moon!

My point is simple: Technology is touching our lives in innumerable ways; from a humble ballpoint pen to the latest cars to education, it is everywhere.

Now imagine sitting in the comfort of your home & being able to earn your self a degree! Well, this is the latest gift of technology to us.

Online Education as it is called, is fast becoming an alternative to classroom education because of its inherent benefits of convenience, value for money & career advancement.

Here’s why online education is becoming a big hit:

  1. Convenience:You can choose a course of your liking & pursue it from the comfort of your own house. You set your own pace by following whatever routine is comfortable for you. Since your course material is available online 24*7; you can access it anytime & study it anytime.

If you are a working professional & cannot set aside time for studies, then an online degree is the best bet for you. Not only will an online degree free you from the hassle of going to a regular college/ institute at the expense of your job; it will also help you upgrade your skills set & get faster promotions in your area of work.

  1. Student centric teaching approach:In a typical online classroom, you have message boards, chat rooms, discussion forums etc where you can discuss assignments. Moreover, since the course curriculum is based on a do it yourself model; it is easier for students to follow the instructions. As a student you get both visual as well as textual aids to complement your studies. This ensures that you can pick & choose whatever suits your study style.
  2. Increased participation:If in school you were the type who used to like to keep to yourself; you will definitely like the absence of the traditional setup in an online classroom scenario. You can interact with everyone without feeling unsettled by ‘Others’ presence

If you are the extrovert type, you will appreciate the fact that you can make online study groups where you can find like-minded people & exchange ideas. You can collaborate on assignments & in the process make friends as well.                                                                                                    

  1. Get your degree from acclaimed universities from around the world:Since there are no geographical boundaries to deal with, you can pursue your degree from top universities from around the world- from the comfort of your living room. Most colleges in India & more from abroad are offering online courses; top online universities would be accrediting your education.
  2. Instructors with a Global experience:You can learn from the global experience of the instructors, who might be from different parts of the world & also share their practical knowledge. Since you are in touch with your instructor through emails, you have a much wider scope for interaction than in a typical classroom.

Give it a thought

Classroom teaching is a must at the elementary level but the higher education, especially, skill enhancement and up gradation courses are better done online these days. So there you are! Put on that thinking cap & sit back & get cracking on that online course!

Extra Tips for Parents