It takes 15 trees to produce the amount of paper that we use to write our exam once (excluding supplementary). Join us in promoting the noble cause of saving trees.


Can the above statement really infer that the child is worried about ecological balance of the earth? Or it simply explodes the innate fear in the mind of the child?

Examinations always make us all nervous. Whether it is an internal assessment of the school or highly reputed board examinations, there are very few who can face them bravely, with calm and confidence. But the bitter truth is that we all have to face them across our life whether in the examination hall or while applying for job or dealing with delicate intricacies of relationships.

So why not to face them with courage and conviction? Why do we want to increase the work of our government for making them redesign the policies for abolishment of exams?

Here are a few tips which will help you write your board exams confidently.

Before Examination

  1. Fix up a realistic time table to complete your course. Finish easy topics first, it will give you a sense of achievement that you have finished so much.

  2. Make notes by summarizing and condensing the content.

  3. Stick to your schedule. Fix up time for rest intervals. Make up for the time wasted unexpectedly say by visit of your relative, friend or so.

  4. Keep sufficient time for revision.

  5. Identify your most productive hours yourself. Don’t imitate your friends, everyone can not be a night person, so don’t burn the lamp unnecessarily.

  6. Scanning of blue prints will equip with the weightage of each chapter.

  7. Do attempt sample papers, previous year papers and model test papers under strict time conditions.

A day before examination

  1. Revise your condensed notes, incase you were unable to understand any particular topic at the time of revision, don’t attempt to read it now.

  2. Keep your stationary items like pens, pencils, sharpener, eraser etc ready in your bag on the night before the exam.

  3. Don’t forget to carry your Admit Card.

  4. Have light and healthy meal. Do not eat heavily.

  5. Take a good night’s sleep.

In the Examination Hall

  1. Fill in all the details very carefully, in case of a mistake seek help from the invigilator before using correction pen or fluid.

  2. Read the given instructions very carefully before starting your paper, to avoid any confusion.

  3. Read every question very carefully and so that while writing your paper you can manage your time accordingly.

  4. The order in which you answer does not matter, but prefer answering the questions in order so that it makes checking easier for the examiner.

After the Examination

  1. Do not discuss your answers with your friends it may cause unnecessary anxiety.

  2. Immediately go back home to refresh yourself for next examination.


Lastly the most important tip control your time on MOBILE and unnecessary use of INTERNET

All the best!

Have faith in you. Board Exams are meant for you and you are the only one who can crack them.


Niharika Sharma

HOD Commerce


Extra Tips for Board Tips