E-Learning: Learning The Electronic Way

E learning is the most convenient way of learning, which amalgamates education and technology. It has caught the fancy of students and is increasingly becoming the buzz of the town because of its convenient and cost effective model. Not only students but also parents find it a convenient model of learning. Education always being given a priority has changed its silhouette from being conventional to more innovative and interesting.

Why e learning?
The role of e learning has manifolded in the last few years especially with the Internet becoming a global phenomena. People find learning online quite intriguing, simple and beneficial compared to conventional classroom teaching, since, it provides the learner with instant access to any subject material within seconds.

Offering solutions to several topics is actually the forte of e learning, which helps in the smooth lifelong learning procedure. It provides online tutoring to pupils across the world, and thus, makes learning quite convenient and flexible in nature. It gives control to student over when and where they study. Convenience is the key feature, which further helps in defining e learning effectively. A perfect ambiance is created which promotes an active approach towards learning. The medium even supports increased communication between the experts and students and aids in providing frequent and timely individual feedback.

E learning requires investment of time and effort for developing new skills, new approaches and new resources. For improving effectiveness and quality of student learning and making it more worthwhile, it is vital to replace the existing traditional modes of teaching with more active and engaging learning opportunities. This has been brilliantly achieved wherever appropriate by the e-learning medium.

How e learning is beneficial for students?
Students in the 21st century have got an innumerable option to hone their learning skills and this has been heightened with the advent of e learning. Getting hold on difficult topics has become plausible with e learning, which benefits students in their education sector.

In India, online experts make frequent use of exclusively designed study materials for teaching students online. These materials are based on the NCERT curriculum, which perfectly caters to the need of students across the country. They are provided with worthwhile study materials such as NCERT guides, CBSE notes, CBSE sample papers, notes on CBSE physics, maths to name a few. For students, all these functions as bonus features, which make them go for this innovative, less tiresome learning medium.

E learning helps in filling the educational void usually left after the school hours. Thus, no way a student’s education suffers. The study materials are prepared using the worldwide resources of the Web by qualified teachers having expertise in the education field. These are communicated in an intriguing fashion to the learners using the virtual reality technology. Functioning as a real time study support to students through subject experts via Virtual Classes, the queries of students are further solved eventually making them more proficient in the subject. Students prefer online learning also because of the fact that it is highly appreciated for its economic value as it eliminates the travel time and costs without compromising the quality and requirements.
As learning is a continuous, cultural process, so access and opportunities to learn should as well be available to students in real time after the school hours. And this is effectively done by e learning which fosters self paced learning whereby students access the study support round the clock at their pace and convenience.

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