E-tutorial, a term formulated to define the new-age learning technique, has taken the world with a storm. Giving contemporary education a razor-sharp connotation, e-tutorial has become a global phenomena where it is helping in imparting a multifaceted perspective to modern learning.

why e-tutorial?
With learning becoming quite customized and convenient in nature, e-tutorial or online learning has become a booming industry worldwide giving an impetus to both career and study. Easy to install technology and simple process expands the role of this learning medium quite obviously seen as a revolutionary innovation vital for knowledge liberation. The medium offer instant solutions when faced with imperative issues such as:
Ø    To acquire an additional edge important for excelling in schools and colleges
Ø    When facing an increasing competition
Ø    To acquire higher scores
Ø    To avoid travelling to coaching classes
Ø    To clear doubts of any specific subject by an expert
Ø    To get conceptual clarity as per one’s convenience

Moreover, e-tutorial has become a favourite among school students nowadays especially because of its exclusively designed study materials often used by experts. Elearning portals exclusively offer practice papers and board papers widely based on the NCERT curriculum, thus, giving enough reason to go for them. This often includes:

Ø    Practice Paper for CBSE
Ø    Practice Paper for ICSE
Ø    Solved Model Paper for CBSE
Ø    Solved Model Paper for ICSE
Salient features accentuating the enigma of E-tutorial
The magnetism of e-tutorial has enchanted every netizen with its quick exam preparation quality. Elearning website portals help in bringing forth a high quality, personalised coaching directly to a learner’s home irrespective of the fact wherever he is or whenever he needs it.

This particular advancement in the web world technology has actually become a blessing in disguise for millions of students who are now seeking personalised learning from this amazing educational medium. The varied advantageous features, however, boast of the following:

Ø    E-tutorial offers LIVE, online coaching, homework help and focused exam preparation
Ø    Render services incorporating the best tutors
Ø    Reaches students, irrespective of geographical location
Ø    Students avail online tuition from the comfort and safety of their homes
Ø    Promises higher marks and demonstrably better academic performance
Ø    Comparatively less stressful for both student and parent

Proven as a convenient and affordable tool for both career and study, the student is fortunate enough to have a personalised learning experience and individual interaction with a tutor. Using an audio and a shared whiteboard technology, online coaching is provided which further emphasizes the role of e-tutorial in the contemporary world. The tutoring is designed keeping in mind each student’s individual capability, which are further evaluated. Automated feedback and quality processes as well ensure a student’s fast achievement of the set goal.

Virtual learning has become a reality, which cannot be discarded. Come what may, whether it rains or shines, a student never loses touch with his online school which efficiently saves his precious time, money and energy. Becoming a fast-growing choice for both parents and students, e-tutorial is here to stay for a long time!

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