Effective reading skills

Do you have difficulty reading course books & other materials? Do you spend too much time reading with seldom little transmitting to your brain?

It’s ok! Most of us cannot remember everything that we read. We do not need to remember everything that we read!

Reading is the backbone of education.  Whether you read for studies or for pleasure, the tips given below will surely help you to be a better reader.

So here we go:

1.    Read actively:

If you are trying to read in front of the television, the radio blaring away to glory or in a room full of noisy people, you might want to keep your books aside & join in the fun. There is no point wasting your time to read like this, because you will not absorb anything.

When you start to read, find yourself a quite corner where you can actually concentrate on the task at hand instead on the distractions around you.

2.    Look out for key words:

When doing research on a school essay or making a project, keep in mind the key words of that particular assignment. Key words are the defining words, which will help you, index relevant material for your essay topic or project.

3.    Look out for key concepts in a text:

Are your reading mountains of books & still not getting anywhere? Chances are you are missing out on the key concepts of the text. Key concepts provide the gist for whole topics or ideas. It is therefore essential to identify key concepts, which will help you understand the text better.

4.    The scan & skim formula:

There is a speed-reading technique, which can help you read faster & understand better. The scan & skim formula is simple: Scan the text for key words & concepts & skim the rest of the text. However, this is easier said than done. It will take diligent practice on your part to master this technique. Moreover you have to use this technique selectively, on textbooks & otherwise.

5.    Making notes:

Only reading is not enough as your brain can only store a fraction of all the information that you present to it. This makes it important to take effective notes, which will help to supplement your reading.

6.    Read aloud:

 You can greatly improve your reading skills by reading out aloud; that not only aids concentration; it also helps you understand the text much better.

So there you go! Just try the tips given above & you will see the change in your reading style in a couple of days. Be diligent & be good!

Extra Tips for Students