Exam Tips for English - Class XII

Section A

Question 1

For Passage -

  1. Read the passage carefully and try to grasp its main theme.

  2. Read all the questions in sequence and conceptualize the answers. Do not answer any of them just now.

  3. Read the passage again, focusing on the content of the answers to each question.

  4. Now answer the questions in the order in which they have been asked. If you find it difficult to answer any question, leave it for the moment and go on to the next, without wasting time. Come back to the unanswered question(s) later. If another reading of the relevant part of the passage is necessary to answer any question, you should do so.

  5. Finally, after you have answered all the questions, go through them to check the grammar, spelling and punctuation.


Question 2

For Note Making –

The cultivation of this skill would need qualities such as quick comprehension, identification of main ideas, and recognition of their relevance to your needs, besides an ability to record them concisely. Keep the following points in mind while answering this question:

  1. While reading the passage, underline the matter you want to highlight for making notes.

  2. Usually each paragraph contains only one main idea. Abstract it from the topic sentence and record it in your notes.

  3. Use abbreviations and shortened forms of commonly used words. You may invent your own shortened forms for the purpose.


For Summary –

  1. Having read the passage already for Note Making, prepare a draft with the help of the main ideas you have identified.

  2. Check the length of the summary. If it is more than required, delete unnecessary words and phrases or any repetitive content.

  3. Check for punctuation errors, grammatical mistakes and wrong spellings. Prepare the final draft.


Section B – Writing Skills

Follow these general guidelines for Articles, Speech, letters, descriptions, etc.

  1. Generate thoughts by focusing on the topic.

  2. Jot down the thoughts quickly.

  3. Prepare the first draft by arranging the thoughts in proper order.

  4. Go through this draft carefully, and rearrange the matter, if necessary, removing all redundant expressions, repetitive sentences and phrases, checking spellings and punctuations.


Section C – TEXT BOOKS

Follow these general guidelines for answering this section:

  1. Comprehend the extracts properly and write the required answers in your own words.

  2. For Short answer questions, supply the required information briefly.

  3. For Long answer questions, deduce from the known facts with reference to the characters, incidents and theme, and answer relevantly.

Extra Tips for Board Tips