Healthy Tips For Board Exams
Every student works hard to do well in the exams so that he can achieve good marks in the academic year. But as a matter of fact, students do fall apart most of the times when it concerns their exams especially in the CBSE board papers which is seen as a dread by the student community every year.

With board exams taking place every year, students are pressurized to perform beyond their caliber. The mounting stress only makes them weary of exams as it demands a high-scale preparation. Generally, after every paper, students have a tendency to calculate their scores just to get an idea about their performance level. If satisfactory score calculation then the day turns awesome as well making them motivated to break the set records in the consecutive papers. But if by any chance the calculation fails to meet their expectations, it leaves a depressing impact on them making them demotivated which eventually reflect in their next performance.      
Gradually when the D-Day comes and the culminating effect is visible through the report card in the form of a disastrous score, the student really gets shattered which drives away all his positive energies.    

Keeping this in mind, a child should rather be cooperated by the parents and teachers alike who should constantly foster him to learn new learning techniques which are vital for a better score card. This implies stress buster tips to combat the escalating exam pressure in the most effective manner.
To get an above average result, it is mandatory for students to inherit certain effectual guidelines which make preparation easier and stress free…especially in case of the CBSE Board Exams. It is vital for them to cross the line of 80% if really craving to enhance their report card status. Infact, the preparation should start at least months before the onset of the exam season.

One should dedicate more time on studies than extracurricular activities which should not be completely sidelined, but the timetable should be more intelligently divided. Where studies are concerned, it is prerequisite for a student to start making notes while attending classroom lectures as these help immensely apart from preparing personal notes post-school hours. By taking down notes, the revision process goes simultaneously which is an additional bonus point for any student to firmer his grip on his curriculum. In order to make the notes impressive, he can refer to library books apart from having access to online materials which help in giving a broader perspective where all-round preparation is concerned. The understanding of a specific subject heightens and so does the mind’s approach towards dealing with precise subject matters in a more creative manner.       
To get an extremely good result in a CBSE exam, a student needs to be more systematic and follow a particular pattern while answering the questions. For example, in a Math exam paper, each step carries certain marks…so a student needs to be very careful about the pattern of the exams and should strictly consider them while solving the sums.
Apart from dealing with Math related calculations, one can even refer to maps and diagrams where they are prominently used such as Geography, Science, and History to name a few. Everyday reference to these only makes a person fluent with their usages and can easily let him grasp the theory. Of course, all this requires the student to strictly adhere to his timetable schedule if desiring to outshine his competitors.

However, one mustn’t forget that taking regular breaks is equally significant if wanting to keep the mind agile and fresh with ideas to cope with the exam stress. Afterall, the proverb “all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy” correctly stresses on the fact that equal amount of play and rest is uniformly imperative alongwith studies during the exam season. It inadvertently keeps the mind sprightly which is a must if wishing to give a remarkable shot in the papers. Moreover, there is a proper time to be assigned to every activity without which imbalance reaps in an otherwise appropriately designed agenda. 

A student should always remember that at the end of each day, he should revise the topic which he has learnt through discussions and writings. It is crucial to go through them once atleast a day so that it doesn’t escapes his mind even after a hectic learning schedule. Revising and discussing is any day a better option than mugging up which is helpful only till the last exam paper but not for the entire lifelong. And a student’s motive should be always to acquire more knowledge which he can refer to anytime in his life and not just for his forthcoming exams. Learning intelligently is important here and not puking out the mugged up stuff on papers and getting over with it instantaneously! Furthermore, getting rid of mental block is the priority here and lucid learning suitably functions as the apt substitute. There is no doubt about it.

It is essential for a student to take proper intake of rest, food and fun where studying for exams are concerned. The traditional learning method cannot make a student into a genius overnight since studies done in a smart manner is the only funda through which he can gain continuous strength to cross hurdles in life ahead.
So, the mantra is to think long-term, rather than focusing on short-term acquirement of knowledge. And with this attitude, a student can do wonders next day in his paper as, he knows now what his dreams are, which is to conquer his mind and spirit in a holistic way.

So, here is a quick checklist on what you as a student should have in lieu when preparing for the dreaded CBSE exams:

  1. Revise thoroughly and not mug up
  2. Go through the previous exam papers for reference
  3. Get your essentials in place as stationary, ID card etc.
  4. Confirm and crosscheck the time and venue
  5. Find out the easiest travel route as well enquire about other necessary arrangements
  6. Take ample sleep and rest
  7. Relax by taking deep breaths

All you need now is to just believe in yourself and rock the exam hall with your ingenious mind and command over the subject. The rest will be taken care of. All the best!

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