Help your child with Home-work

Homework is the dreaded word for almost all the children. They avoid doing it. They feel homework as a burden. Homework in fact is like strengthening of the educational foundations. It is up to the parents to create liking for the homework. 

Homework is and opportunity to learn and practice the subjects being taught in the school. It is an opportunity for you, the parents to keep track of what is going on in the school. It is important that you as a parent be involved with your child’s homework. This will inculcate good habits in the child along with interest for academics. This inculcates faith that the parents do care.  

Make a schedule and stick to it

Make a work schedule. Fix a time that suits you and your child to do the homework. The time duration may vary as per the age of the child. Make sure that both of you follow it.  This consistency will help the child concentrate on work. 

Create the right environment

Create a study. No it certainly doesn’t mean that you need a separate room but instead it can be any place where the child can put up for a while with his books and all the required stationary and remain undisturbed during the study schedule. 

Remove all distractions, which means you may have to switch off television or radio. Make it a point that the child is not disturbed by any social call during this time. Request the other family members to be involved in less noisy activities. 

Be involved actively

Show interest in his assignments. Enquire about the work done in the class, take the child to library if need be or teach him to search the web for information. Ask the child if he has any doubts pertaining to the assignments. Try to solve them. Take help of his classmates if need be. Keep monitoring if the child is proceeding all right. Make it a point to go through the homework once he is through. Comment on the work. Praise if done well.  

Encouragement is the best help you can provide. Stick to positive criticism if you are not satisfied. 

Finally, just be a good help to your child. Your help will improve his chances of doing well. 

Don’t end up doing the homework. Homework is meant to enhance learning. If you do it, the whole purpose of homework is defeated.


Extra Tips for Parents