Homework Is An Important Activity

 The more homework students complete, especially from grades six to twelve, the better they do in school” (An excerpt from a research by Dr. Harris Cooper of the American Psychological Association)

 Homework is an inseparable part of formal schooling. Take it as an opportunity to be directly associated with your child’s education and day today learning. It is the time that can make the child feel important as his homework becomes important to the whole family.

 Homework is a way to create and enhance knowledge and learning. As the child grows the time spent on a particular subject in school is not sufficient to understand it fully; Certain topics need to be practiced more; Some topics need to be explored by the child for better understanding of the subject. By regularly doing the homework children learn to organize and manage their time and gradually take the responsibility of their learning.

 Homework helps cater these and more such areas.

Homework helps children revise and practice what they have learned.

It is important that the child revises what has been done in the class that day. This will improve his grasp on the subject. At the same time, he would know where he lags in understanding the subject. He can clarify his doubts when the subject is still fresh in his mind.

 Homework prepares them for the next class.

The teacher sometimes expects that the student is aware about the background of the topic to be covered in the class the next day. Such topics need to be prepared at home a bit. Make sure that the child does this pre working, as he will be more aware in the class when the topic is being discussed in the class. He will be more alert and will listen more keenly in the class

 Homework helps them learn at their own pace.

Teachers follow a specific speed to cover up a topic. They are bound by time and also take average student’s understanding as there pace. It may seem fast to some and slow to others. Moreover, the teachers teaching style may not be compatible to all. The child when studies at home can take his own time to study the same. He can study at his own pace.

Homework helps them explore the subject

Classroom teaching may not be sufficient to understand all that has been taught in the class. As children grow, their curiosity raises the need to explore the subject more than they have time in the classroom. Homework gives them a chance to do the same.

Homework helps them learn to use resources

As children grow, it is important that they learn to use resources like libraries, encyclopedias and online research. It is a step forward to independent learning and gathering and compiling information for defined purposes.

Homework teaches discipline.

This is the basic work ethic in any profession, discipline and meeting deadlines. Homework is the first exposure to this disciplining. The child feels responsible and tries to meet the given deadline.

Homework is an opportunity

It is an opportunity for you, the parents to keep track of what is going on in the school. It keeps the parents updated what the teacher is doing in the class work and how much is the child is able to grasp. It can even be a point of interaction between you and the teacher during the parent teacher meets a reassurance to the teacher that the parents are actively involved with the child’s education thus forming a bond between the teachers, students and the parents.

In a nutshell

Homework is the true learning experience for the child. Consider it very important always. Class work is more of an introduction to the subject. Homework initiates learning.

Extra Tips for Parents