How to answer a Test Paper ?

Test papers! Exams! Couldn’t we all do without them?  

Back in school, I used to dread exams! Exams formed a healthy part of the total nightmares I used to get then!

However, we cannot wish away exams just like that. Exams are important. They help us graduate to the next level of learning. 

Here’s what to do to get over those exam gremlins: 

  1. Scan the test paper: Giving an exam is just like being in a fight! You first need to scan the size, nature & character of your opponent; before you get down to the task of socking him in the eye!

5 minutes scanning the question paper will help you chalk out a strategy as on how to answer the questions, which ones to go for first, etc.

Trust me, 5 minutes spent earlier on will help you save a lot of time later. 

  1. Start with the easy stuff first: When you are playing video games, do you straightaway get to the stage of slaying dragons? No? Similarly, it is always a good idea to go after the easy questions first & then tackle the harder questions.

Easy questions will help get your brain going, improve your focus & bring out your natural flow. 

  1. Learn to move on & comeback: Cannot remember what (a+b+c)* is? Well then, big deal!! Move on to the next question. Keep your cool, you know this, it’s just that you cannot remember it. You can always comeback to that question later when you have time left.

If you spend time sweating it out on ONE question, you’ll miss out on the rest! Remember, your flow is important to keep the momentum going.  

  1. Allotting time to questions: Judge the worth of a question & answer accordingly. You should spend less time on a question worth 2 marks & more time on a question worth 10 marks.

You do not want to come out of the examination hall & figure out that you left out half of the higher marks fetching questions because you spent too much time on the rest!  

  1. The “keep it clean & keep it simple” mantra: A handwriting, which resembles worms let loose on the answer sheet, will NOT win you the examiner’s friendship. Nor will it fetch you marks. Write in a legible handwriting with a presentable & logical hand. Also, read each & every question carefully no matter how simple or tough it is, only then proceed to answer. You will not earn marks for cock & bull stories! 
  2. Revise: It is always a good idea to revise whatever you put down in that answer sheet. Do not be tempted to leave in case you finish early. Now is the time to go back to the questions you missed out on. You’ll be surprised to see how many marks you have salvaged out of small silly mistakes. 

Just follow the tips & above all- believe in your self. You will surely come out with flying colors. All the best! 

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