Juggling Work, Home And Parenting!

Juggling Work, Home And Parenting!

Being a working mother is not easy. You have to juggle responsibilities between your home & the office and being a parent. Ignore either work or home, all mayhem will break loose! Simply put, life for a working mother is no ride through the park. However, on the other side there is a sense of fulfillment & financial security, which only a working mother knows

However, if priorities & tasks are handled properly, it can become easy on you.

Delegate Household Chores

You can delegate responsibility of simple household chores; to give you free time for other matters. Small children should be taught to pick up their own toys, tidy their own rooms, put away clean clothes etc. Small children can be easily taught such tasks; moreover they appreciate the feeling of responsibility & trust placed in them by adults.

If you are a big family, you can enlist help of other family members like your spouse, in- laws etc. to aid your work. Tasks like paying the bills, banking work etc can be handled by your spouse or family members.


If you can schedule your chores in advance, there will be less confusion. You could pack in your kids’ bags, lay out clothes, cut vegetables for breakfast, etc, on the previous night itself. Yet flexibility is important. Allow yourself some margin time so that last minute changes can be accommodated. As a working mother, your time is important. Do not let others encroach upon your time! Learn to start saying no in a polite manner.

Accept Certain Things As They Are

While there are a lot of things, which are in our control, there are others, which are totally out of our bounds. Learning & accepting this truth will go a long way in keeping you stress free & hence better prepared for life as a working mother.

Resist the urge to do everything to the point of perfection for every household chore. Being a perfectionist might make you loose time or not get you started on an activity or may even deprive you of your time with the family. The house work can wait a day once in a while. As some one rightly put that life is too short to worry about the dust on the TV top.

Take time out for yourself:

As a working mother, it is very important for you to have time out for yourself. This will rejuvenate you & give the energy you need to be a mommy. Indulge in some activity during the day that is just for yourself, for your pleasure and relaxation. Pick up a hobby, take care of yourself, go meet your friends on a regular basis; just some of these things will refresh you and help you take on each new day.

No one is asking you to be a super mom. You already are one and need not prove it to anyone. 

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