Kids and the wait for Results

Now that exams are over, children wait anxiously for the results. For children, this period is quite as stressful as the period leading up to the exams. For one, the students are running over all the mistakes they could have committed over the period of the exams & for another they really do not know how good or bad they will fare when the results are declared. 

You have yourself been through this; therefore as a parent you are the best person to guide your child through this stressful period in his life. Below are a few points to help you & your child cope with the anxiety of waiting for exam results. 

  • Be gentle with your child:As a parent you are worried about your child’s future, which is understandable. However give a thought to your child. He’s probably going through one of the most stressful periods of his life. Transferring the weight of your worries will only stress out your child further!  He/ she already has enough to think about. 
  • Talk to your child:You need to communicate with your child often during this period. You need to tell your child that everything’s going to be ok. You need to share your experience with your child to help him cope up. Children also appreciate when adults try to relate with them & share similar experiences from their book of life.

·        Encourage your child to work part time:

The period between the end of exams & the declaration of results often spans a couple of months. This time can be better used constructively while working on a part time job. This will keep your child busy & he/she will learn to be financially independent. 

  • Encourage your child to pick up a new hobby: Encourage your child to pick up a new hobby, sport or activity. You could also enroll for leadership development classes, which will help groom, your child for the future. A mentally & physically active child will deal with his problems better. 
  • Take a vacation with your child: A vacation after this long & stressful spell can do wonders for you & your child. The relaxed atmosphere of a vacation will also give you a chance to discuss future options & a career course with your child

Extra Tips for Parents