Live Virtual Class: The Burgeoning trend

Education brings man out of darkness. As the society becomes more enlightened, education takes the centrestage. The synergy of Internet network has created a technically favourable environment for elearning. The Internet is now the world's largest learning resource. It has opened new gateways for learning through various digital learning tools and also brought in the concept of live virtual class, which imitates a normal classroom.

Elearning technology has opened up a plethora of opportunities for students who require quality study support anywhere, anytime. The online classroom, which provides after school study support has become a much sought after option for students around the world. It creates a virtual collaborative learning environment and optimizes the learning process. The accessibility of virtual class is unprecedented. And at the same time students do not have to travel anywhere; they get teachers help from the comfort of home, 24x7.

Live Virtual Class is delivered on a platform truly built for a smooth, seamless interaction between the student and the tutor. Classroom activities like usage of white board technology and personalized attention make learning more interactive and stimulating. Live virtual class makes the subject experts accessible to a wider audience irrespective of geographical boundaries. This promotes an effective dissemination of knowledge from tutor to student. The student gets an opportunity for one-on-one interaction with the tutor who allays the student’s concerns and answers all questions. Live Virtual Class enables a student to study with subject experts in real time - beyond the boundaries of school. Flexible and convenient in nature, these sessions allow the students to learn at their own pace.

Students may feel more confident in an online class, even during a real-time chat session, and can ask their queries without hesitation. Unlike a traditional teacher, the online tutor is available in real time to help the students. The subject experts deliver short lessons, which leaves enough time for practice and discussion to make the concepts clear. Short lessons are impractical in the traditional classroom setting due to the economics of travel.

Live Virtual Classroom allows dialogue and discussion to enable a better understanding of the complicated concepts. Further usage of state of the art multimedia tools enhances the learning experience. The online tutor uses power point presentations, SLMs, Mind Maps and other digital learning tools to explain the various topics during the online sessions .The tutor creates a learner driven study program which enables optimal interaction and active participation in the class. The online tutor improves understanding of the student through assessment features and regular feedback, which provide holistic study help.

If you have an Internet connection, a computer along with microphone and speaker, you can turn your room into a virtual classroom at the click of a button. So if you are worried about your pending assignment, approaching exams, or just bugged by some mindboggling Math’s equations, just access the wonderful sites available online to help you score extra marks. Now is the time. Take charge of studies and put your best foot forward to ensure that you are at the helm of race to being the next class topper.

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