Parent Teacher Bonding

 Parent Teacher Bonding

The bond between parents & teachers is important since both share a common goal: helping students achieve success in school. They are the partners in child’s education and together help groom a child’s successful career in education. However in due course parents ignore the fact that regular interactions with the teachers are important for academic improvement and development of the child. 

A good relationship between the parent, teacher and student allows all to understand the learning goals, the curriculum and ways they can work together to achieve the best.

Get to Know Your Child’s Teachers

It is important for parents to know the child’s teachers personally and discuss about your child's education regularly. Spend time with the teacher. Ask about your child’s performance in class, his/her academic goals .Get to know her teaching methods, the steps she takes to ensure that objectives are met and also what kind of support is expected or required from the parent’s side. 

Attend School Functions

Try to attend as many school functions as you can. Not only will this thrill your child, you will also get to chat with the teachers in an informal atmosphere, hence making lasting bonds of friendship.

Be Involved With Your Child’s Projects & Homework

Projects & homework are not only the child’s responsibility, but yours as well. Homework not done or incomplete work is often a cause of strife between parents & teachers. Ensure that your child’s homework is done so that no such problems crop up. Your involvement with the child’s work shows in the work and is enough to point to the teacher how concerned you are about the work and progress in the school

Do Not Hesitate To Communicate

If there is a problem or a grievance regarding your child at school, do not hesitate to communicate with the teachers. They will appreciate your timely concern & the problem can be resolved before all parties become hostile.

Follow School Rules

As a parent, you must always follow the school rules, however, there are times when un knowingly you could break them. It is advisable that you see the rules book clearly in the beginning of the year itself so that no such problems are faced. This will ensure harmonious relationships between you & the school.

Compliment Teachers:

It’s important to say thanks to your child’s teacher. You need to remember the effort they put in your child’s growth as a student & as an individual. You could compliment teachers on their teaching methods & the effort put in. You could tell the teacher what difference the teacher’s effors has brought to the child’s performance and approach

Parent Teacher Meetings:

Be prepared with the questions you want to ask teachers. Be prepared to give answers to teacher’s queries. Talk to the child to know if there is something he wants to communicate. Do not be hostile. Also, it is essential that you turn up in time for such meets as all parents have been scheduled into slots.

Give Information

You could give teachers information regarding your child, and insights about the chil’s behavior and character which you think will help teach your child better. Also if your child is having trouble with one of the subjects, you could try talking to the teacher for that subject regarding homework, teaching methods etc.

Do Not Go Overboard:

If you have a grievance or a disagreement on a particular topic, do not go overboard & be hyper. Try to find a workable solution with mutual co-operation. Remember, a teacher has to deal with several children at once.

As someone has rightly said that a teacher is parent in school and parent is a teacher at home. Hand in hand, parent & teacher can help to develop a child’s future!

Extra Tips for Parents