Preparing for your exams

Exams test your knowledge and understanding of a particular subject. They are not meant to harass you. Keep this in mind all through.

Prepare Well in Advance

Preparations for exams need to start at the beginning of the academic session. Start by taking notes of classroom lectures and keep revising once in a while.

Explore the subject using library and Internet resources. This will enhance the understanding of the subject. Keep adding to the notes as you explore the subject. Prepare reference maps and diagrams.

Making a timetable and sticking to it is a must. Assign time to everything you do  - study time, sleeping time free time hobby hours. Make relaxing in-between your study schedules a habit. It is a good stress buster.

As Exams Near

By this time, you have good understanding of the subject. You have learnt quite a bit. Now start revising and stop learning. Last minute learning might confuse you. Concentrate on what you know.

Set up a revision timetable. Don’t forget to keep time for relaxing and sleeping. Use your reference notes maps and diagrams to revise. Highlight main points while doing so. This will help you in final revision.

Take time out for some light exercise, a stroll, do yoga, breathe in fresh air or listen to music. It is necessary to take your eyes away from books for a while. Sleep well and eat healthy.

A day Before the Exam

You by now know that you have learned most of the subject. You have prepared it well. You have the notes ready. So, what’s there to panic? Just believe in yourself and keep cool.

Here’s the last day checklist:

  • Revise thoroughly, don’t learn
  • Go through previous exam papers
  • Prepare your exam resources like gathering pens, ID card
  • Confirm time and venue
  • Identify transportations and enquire about other necessary arrangements
  • Take enough sleep you need to relax when you write the exam
  • Take breaks to stretch, take a stroll in open air. Breathe in fresh air

Just Before the Exam

Stop, last minute cramming and going through the notes won’t help one bit but only enhance your stress. You have prepared well. You have done the best you could have done. Now just close your eyes and stretch plug in some music if you can and wait till you enter the exam hall.

Believe in yourself. You are all prepared for the exam.

Extra Tips for Students