Revision Tips for Physics

Board exam – 2010-11


Good news :-)


Hots questions have been excluded this year!

Follow these last minute tips and be confident during examination


  1. Always start with confidence. Start with question whose answer is best known to you. This will give you initial required confidence and good impression to the examiner who checks the paper. But avoid going too random. Try to go in sequence.


  1. You have fifteen minutes to read the question paper. Read the question at least twice and try to figure out the main concepts and underlying formulas.


  1. Never jump or miss the steps. There are marks for the Steps.


  1. Please write down the correct question number before writing the answers. Generally in hurry students forget to write the question number during exams.


  1. Write down the relevant mathematical formulas as it carries weightage and gives better presentation too. Solving numerical will consume less time and if correct will give full marks.


  1. Don’t forget to write the correct units for the physical quantities in your answers. Writing correct units have weightage.



  1. Try to make a schematic diagram in your answers with proper labeling. Don’t waste time in shading, coloring or 3D views. Diagrams are meant to provide better presentations and understanding of the concepts.



  1. Write down the words at the appropriate places. There are many words like resistance/impedance/reactance, potential/potential difference/potential gradient, convex/concave, ac/dc, rectifier/amplifier etc which may create confusion during writing the answers. Writing them at wrong places may lead to wrong answer.


  1. If you have reattempted a question or attempted an extra question, please don’t forget to cancel the wrong one. If you forget to cancel the inappropriate answer, the answer written first will be evaluated and second answer would be canceled.



  1. Be careful about the length of the answers. For example if the question specifically ask you to write down two features and in your answer you wrote three features, than in this case the first two features would be considered as main points and would be evaluated accordingly. Please make it sure you write down the best option earlier.


  1. Use vectors sign / arrows / symbols wherever necessary during answer.

Make use of proper symbols like Z = Atomic number, A = mass number, BE = binding energy ,

M = mutual Inductance, L = self inductance etc.


  1. Attempt all the questions.


  1. Save atleast 15 minutes for the revision of the answers and their corrections.


  1. If during writing answer during exams you feel uneasy/ lose confidence or concentration, don’t worry. Take a break for a minute, settle down your nerves, recollect your energy and restart your exam with new question. After all you are born to win->



Write Correct. Write Smart. Write to the Point.

Get Great Marks.

All the best!


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