Slow is the new word for go!

Quality at Stake - Instantly

 Instant coffee, fast food, instant e-mail…instant gratification! It seems everything in the world is instant & in this quest for the “instant” or “pace” is caught our younger generation.

 However, does pace ensure quality?

 This question is especially relevant to students who are caught in this cauldron between pace or quality. Most students rate quantity over quality & believe that finishing first is the “end all & be all”. Unfortunately parents and teachers voice the same ideology.

 In such a scenario, the fun in learning & the reflections one can gain from learning are lost. The time has therefore come for slowing things down & reaping the benefits of being slow!

 Here’s what you can do to break the “Instant-hood”

  •  Insist on and appreciate quality work rather than hastily done quantum of work.

  •  Let them explore other approaches & alternatives to a particular problem, which might give them a better understanding of issues, defined one.

  •  Encourage students to spend more time in making their concepts clearer. Clarity of topics is anytime more important than cramming things in their heads.

  •  Ask them to slow things down. It helps students to move out of frenetic & hectic pace of things. This will allow them to relax and look for quality and not rush to finish first.

  •  Students learn the motto “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” by putting in more efforts in tougher situations.

  •  Slowing the pace helps students to learn the finer points of strategy, know how & the skill required to accomplish tasks.

  •  It helps students to practice a particular skill until they can perfect it.

  •  It helps students to broaden their perspective, as they get time to think deeply & focus on their tasks.

  •  Since the pace that of their learning, the students can appreciate & enjoy their work much better.

  •  When you slow things down, you are more in command of the process, parallel to the learning process of the students. You become more aware of what each student is doing and hence his or her mistakes become fewer & easier to avoid.

Pace down. Pace down to the speed of life; to the speed of learning. Life wont slow down but the quality of life will definitely go higher.

Extra Tips for Teachers