Surf the Internet securely

Surf SafeWe talk a lot about allowing kids to surf the net explore the subject they are studying and explore how to develop hobbies. There is this one aspect that we, parents are worried about and that is that Internet has all sorts of information on it and all of it is not meant for you. It becomes difficult to be with you, every time you are on net. Besides many of the parents don’t even know how to use computers. The question now arises:

How do we protect you from sites and content not meant for you?

I’ll start with this:

We need to create certain rules for ourselves and for you as well. Here’s how we can go about it with your support of course

  • Try to understand what is the acceptable online behavior 
  • Inform your parents of the sites you are visiting, and let them go through the content. 
  • Bookmark your favorite sites on the computer or ask your parents to do that.  
  • Learn how to block or filter, offensive material. You can do this by blocking the IP address of that particular site you can take your parents’ or the service providers’ help to do that.. 
  • If your parents are not comfortable with computers, teach them 
  • Do not give out any identifying information like home address, school name, or telephone number - in a public message forum such as chat or bulletin boards, 
  • Never arrange face to face meetings  
  • If you experience an uncomfortable online exchange, take it seriously and inform your parents.  
  • Don’t be secretive about his Internet use even if your parents overreact. Discuss things out and make them feel comfortable. 
  • Never to click on the links that come in e-mails they may lead to offensive and inappropriate websites. 
  • Don’t disclose passwords even to friends though it is better that you share them with your parents

Internet is a fantastic resource for learning, entertainment and communication. Follow the Rules, Explore the World and Enjoy


Extra Tips for Students