Technology in the Classroom

Importance of Technology In Classroom

Teachers are at the core of any teaching and learning experience. Teachers, with their experience and knowledge are considered the sole strengths of classroom teaching. It is high time we must also realize that we cannot ignore technology being introduced as a tool for classroom teaching. Schools and classrooms are where students are prepared to face the world and technology is what brings them face to face with the real world working

Technology is integrated with everything so why not classroom teaching. There are hardly any schools in India where the classroom-technology integration has taken place. It is limited to a computer lab in the school where students go in specific computer classes.

It is important for the schools and teachers to understand that introduction of technology in routine teaching can make a major difference in the learning experience for the students.

Just as practical labs are incorporated for hands on experience of a particular subject, researches have shown that technology integration enhance the interest levels of the students. It enhances their responsibility for self-learning and quenches their thirst to explore and experience.

 Why so much fuss over introduction of technology in classrooms

Things are changing fast. The way children understand and learn is changing.

The way we studied was different. It was learning in a sequential form, a linear pattern. Books and classroom lectures were the only means to gain information.

Present generation is exposed to a lot of media. A lot many of the kids are surfing and using computers even before they start formal schooling. They look forward to active involvement while learning. A simple lecture or a question and answer session is just not enough. They want to explore the topic, gather pieces of information and compile it together.

To begin with, it will certainly be an extra effort on part of the teachers to adapt to the technology. Then they will have to reorient their approach to classroom teaching.

How to go about it

First and foremost, we must realize that we grew up in an environment without computers the situation is much different for the current generation. The teachers and academicians have to break the ice between them and technology. We have to take technology as a tool to support the teaching and not as a replacement of teachers.

·         Take initiative and get acquainted with the technologies.

·         Get help from the web resources regarding lesson plans.

·         Incorporate technology based learning in your lecture

·         Respect self directed learning

·         Encourage students to research on web along with books for given assignments


Extra Tips for Teachers