The wait till results

Waiting for your results? 

Hurray! Exams are over! Endless nights of plodding through the books & dealing with exam phobia are over!! The sun is bright & the winds are glad, but what makes you sad? If the wait for the results is dragging on too long & become unbearable then go on & read further.

For most of us the process of giving exams is stressful; for all of us it is the wait for the results, which is worse! However, fret not, we will give you helpful tips to deal with the wait! 

1.     Get yourself a part time job:

 Being financially independent is a great way of de-stressing. Scan the local classifieds to look for part time employment. This will not only give you a chance to earn some cash, it’ll also look good on your resume. What’s more? You will also get a chance to make new friends & gain a great experience. 

2.     Spend time with friends & family:

Exams time means no time for family & friends. Now that exams are over, go on & spend time with your loved ones. Hang out with your friends; it is great to know what plans everyone has for the future & it is a great way to de stress. 

3.     Complete pending work:

I’m sure that your mom & dad will have plenty of work for you that went pending during exam time. Go on… finish it & make them happy!! This is a great way to earn brownie points from your folks when you want that favorite toy! 

4.     Rest, eat & play:

You had gone to war against history, geography, math & science. You are a brave soldier! Now go rest to your heart’s content, eat till your tummy’s as round as mummy’s rotis! Hey, you might also want to go out & play with the other kids! 

5.     Learn something new:

You could explore your creative side & learn something new like pottery making, playing the guitar, arts & crafts etc. There are tonnes of courses available out there which can help you do something constructive during this time. 

6.     Keep a cool head:

You have already appeared for the exam. Now, no point worrying. Right? Well then, do not think too much of the results. Keep a positive outlook & stay happy. 

Remember whatever the result is, good bad or average you will in any scenario strengthen your bonds with the people close to you, your parents and friends. Look up to them, be with them and enjoy with them.

Extra Tips for Students