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what is rat hole mining?

Posted- 2365 days ago
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A.Coal mining done by family members in a form of long narrow tunnel is known as
rat hole mining. It is done in Jowai and Cherapunjee.


In most of the tribal areas of north-east india, minerals are owned by individuals or communities. In Meghalya there are rich deposits of coal, iron and limestone. Coal mining in areas of Jowai and Cheerapunji coal mining is done by a family member in the form of a narrow tunnel known as "Rat Hole Mining".


Mining done through a small tunnel by family members.Carried out for copper,iron ore,limestone and dolomite.


in this type of mining family members construct narrow tunnel for digging out coal this narrow tunnel is known as rat hole and this type of mining is known as rat hole  mining it is practised mail in cherapunji



in some areas the mining is not approved by the govt. so some people do mining by making holes it is termed as rat hole mining

Mining done by family members in the form of narrow tunnel, is known as rat-hole mining.
Rat Hole mining is done by the family or community members in notrh- eastern parts of India, particularly in meghalaya. this type of mining is not under the govt. policies. it is named as rat hole mining because long, narrow and deep tunnels are dug for extraction of minerals, similar to rat holes.