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for which branch of science?


try referring-laxmi publications ( chemistry practicals)-class xi.  it contains lot of viva questions.



stick to the basic ideas of chapters and try to et them in theory book

1.diffrence between coordination compunds and double salt.

2.formula of mohrs salt.

3.what is titration?

4.what are primary standard substances?

5.pipette should never be hold from its bulb.why?

6.what is least count of burette?

7.what is ring test?

8.what is the group reagent for v group?

9.what is qualitative analysis?

10.what is the oxidation no. of KMnO4?



for anybranch be strong in basics and have a good hold on concepts.

why is a beaker so called? what is a flame? what is the function of a air regulator in a bunsen burner? which gas is used for burners in labs? why water is not added to conc.h2so4 to prepare dil.H2SO4. how will you prepare dil.H2SO4 fron conc.H2SO4? What is colloidal state? why are lyophilic sols called reversible sols? what is an emulsifier? name the type of emulsions. what s hardy-schulze rule? what is demulsification? questions ofr investigatory projects. what is the common name of guva fruit? how can u xtract oxalate ion from guava fruit ? what is thw equalent weight of oxalate ion? what is natural milk? what is casein? what is the pH value of milk? name the viamins present in milk. what are the main constituents of soyabean milk? how will you distinguish between soyabean milk and natural milk? why is it necessary to add preservative to food? what are commonly used preservative? what is the molecular fomrmula of starch? you could refer books of modern abc. buy the practical lab manual and with that you eould get a booklet containing viva questions.

why we add NH4CL first then NH4OH?

wat is the grp reagent for 5th grp?

tell the formula of sodium prusside ion?

write the ring test teaction

wat is the normality of KMNO4


give me some question for me in viva