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what is brain drain.

writes its merits and demerits

Posted- 2361 days ago
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using of our knowledge to other countries development


Brain drain is a problem that our country has seen in the past. It means the draining of a country's useful & skilled human resources to other countries 

well the merits are that one countries loss is another ones gain  and that the people in that country are gaining beneficially from the skills that such people have.

the demerits are that the country which had invested in that particular individuals education will not be able to exploit his skills and that the working population will decrease in this country.


Brain drain means that the new youth of a country migrates to other country to get a job. Merits of brain drain includes:- earning of foreign exchange, increase in relations with other country. Demerits of brain drain includes:- low rate of scientific development, and low national development rate. India faces the demerits of brain drain. Many of Indian youth is working for MNCs and so our domestic industries suffer.