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Define Drainage Patterns and its four types?

Posted- 2352 days ago
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Drainage pattern is the pattern created by a river due to the erosional activity

the 4 types are- trellis pattern, bird's digilate, radial pattern and the irradial pattern

1) The patterns depends on the slope of land underlying rocks structure and the climatic conditions of the area. 2)Common patterns found in India are: * Dendritic * Trellis * Rectangular * Radial

a drainage pattern is the design formed by the main  rivers & their tributaries as they branch off in diff. directions . thes designs are influenced by the foollowing factors:

  1. the topography
  2. the nature of the rocks
  3. the slope of the surface.             in india the foll. 4 types of D P r found:

dendritic: it resembles a tree having numerous is evolved in the areas of homogenous rock is a common pattern in mostparts of the north indian plateau & the indian plateau.

trellis : it develops insuch a region which has undergone faulting & which is characterised by joints. in such a region ,the tributaries join the main rivers at right angles . this pattern is found in the narmada valley in M.P,the krishna  valley in K &  the damodar valley in W.B.

RADIAL :the streams flow in diff. directions from a central peak / dome like structure .the manipur river basin shows this patttern .\

rectangular : it develops on a strongly joint rocky terrain. a combination of several patterns may be found in the same drainage basin.barak river in assam shows this pattern.





The pattern formed by a river and its tributaries is called drainage pattern.

The types of patterns are:

1.Trellis pattern.

2.Dendritic pattern.

3.Rectangular pattern.

4.Radial pattern.