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why is taplow bitter in the play 'the browning version'?

Posted- 2346 days ago
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Taplow is bitter in the play "The Browning Version" because of that respect which he has in himself for Mr. Crocker Harris, s in views of Taplow, Mr. Crocker Harris is a creditable person.Though Mr. Crocker Harris is like a "shrivelled inside like a nut",then also he is liked by Taplow because of some of his qualities inborn with him.Taplow thinks that Mr. Crocker Harris is hardly a human (sounding bitter here) because he wanted a remove(i.e. a mark) to get through all his exams well.But according to Mr. Crocker Harris,he gives that much marks how much he/she deserves, no less and certainly no more.............


because taplow said the bad views of Mr.Crocker Harris to other teacher Frank.


he is bitter b'coz he is not able to understand mr.crocker's nature and  he is worried whether he will be getting his remove allright or not