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why rain water conducts electricity while distilled water does not ? (2)

Posted- 2341 days ago
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rainwater is slightly acidic in nature becoz when it come to the groud from the cloud the gases present in the atmosphere make it acidic where as we know that distiled water is neutral. electricity is conducty on in the substance which is acidic.

rain water has impurities which help it conduct etetricity where as distilled water has no impurities which makes it a non conductor of electricity water (pure) is therefore non conductor of electricity

because it contains chemicals


Rain water which is a mixture of many dirts and impurities, is a supporter of electricity.

Whereas distilled water which is very clear and pure, is not a supporter of electricity.


Rain water have freely moving ions in it which hrlps in conducting electricity but distilled water have no free ions in it so it does not conducys electricity .