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Give a character sketch of the Bishop in the chapter "The Bishop's Candlesticks"?

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bishop is the self-sacrifising person.he is kind and generous to the needy,so much so that they advantage of the fact.he is easily deceived by the unscrubless people ,who even lie to him for getting money from him.he is also forgiving and bears no anger toward those who lie to him.


Bishop is very gentle,sensitive and generous person who is always ready to help the poor and needy . Though he is highly placed as the Bishop of the Church,he treats everybody as his equal . He is very caring.Even after serving the poor ,he is not satisfied and wants to do more and more. He is very calm & composed  & even he is attacked by the thief,he does'nt lose his cool. He does not doubt anyone when a person comes to him for help.

           He is very strong believer in God and his creation. he is an optimist who believes that love,affectionand care can transform even a criminal into an honest person. He has a strong presense of mind and assessing the situation,handles the problem quicklyand aptly


Bishop is a non meterialistic, loving, all embracing, self sacrificing, caring, deeply religious, kind, generous, sensitive, optimist, calm, composed, charitable, prodigal, an ideal priest and a loving brother. He is a strong believer in God and his creations. He has a strong presence of mind and assessing the situation handles the problem quickly and aptly. Bishop's innocence and naivete often earns him the anger of his sister, Persome. But he gently remarks, "If people lie to me, they are poorer not I". His compassion changes the convict. He advices him to lead a good life as "this poor body is a temple of a living God".

charectersketch of bishop in bishop candel stickes