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name any two effects of electric current.explain the effects of these currents?
Posted- 2060 days ago
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There are two effects of electric current. They are heating effect and the magnetic effect. When electricity flows through a conducting wire, the wire gets heated, demonstrating the heating effects. The filament of a bulb glows when electricity passes through it, besides it also gets heated, the coil of a heater is also hot when electricity flows through it.

 In the magnetic effect of the electric current, the iron piece connected to a circuit becomes a magnet when electricity passes through it. The iron piece loses its magnetic property as soon as the flow of current is broken. The electrical bell works on this principle of magnetic effect of electric current.

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the effects of current are as foolows

a current carrying conductor produces a magnetic field

2current flows in the direction opposite to the direction of the electrons

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magnetic effect of electric current and mechanical effect of electric current.