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wt is the difference between Concentrated hydrochloric acid and dilute Concentrated hydrochloric?

Posted- 1987 days ago
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In Concentrated hydrochloric acid there is less amount of water in it. But in dilute hydrochloric acid the amount of water is more.

concenterated HCl is more powerful than dilute HCl.

Dilute HCl is aqueous solution of HCl.

Dilute HCL is weak in nature while the conc. HCL is strong.

dilute HCl has more water per unit volume !!!

concentrated has less water per unit volume!! generally conc HCl has 98% acid and 2% water


conc hcl acid means the acid with large amount of acid and less amount of water. it is very dangerous as it causes spill on cclothes and skin and cause skin burns


The concentrated acid are the acid which has hundred percent of acid content in it (ideally little water is always present) and the dilute acid is when you add the solvent to the acid (water) you dilute the acid. The more solvent you add more dilute the acid becomes. The precautions should be taken while working with con. acids.


concenterated HCl is more powerful than dilute HCl.

Dilute HCl is aqueous solution of HCl




Concentrated hydrochloric acid contains less amount of water i.e. it is not in an aqueous medium.When HCl is not in aqueous medium it is a dry gas and does not give out H+ ions.Since H+ ions are not released we can conclude that it is not an acid or it does not have acidic properties. 

Dilute hydrochloric acid has water mixed with it i.e. it is in the aqueous medium. When it is in the aqueous medium it produces H+ ions and therefore it is an acid and has acidic properties.

HCl(aq)H+ ions and Cl- ions

Hence the main differences are:

1. Dilute HCl has a lot of water mixed with it whereas concentrated HCl has less water mixed with it.

2. Dilute HCl produces H+ ions but concentrated HCl does not produce H+ ions

3.  Dilute HCl turns blue litmus red and concentrated HCl has no effect on blue litmus paper.

4. Dilute HCl is easy to handle whereas concetrated HCl may cause damage of the skin and harm our body.



concentrated hcl has more hydrogen(h+) ions but  diluted hcl has less hydrogen ion concentration


concentrated hydrochloric  acids are the acids which have the maximum amount of acidic gas.

dilute concentrated HCl is the acid which has less amount of acidic gas.

conctd hcl has less than 10% of water in it. a very strong acid, reactions are carried out in hot medium while dilute hcl has less than 10% of hcl in it, a weak acid and reaction are carried out in cool medium.