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explain heterotrophic nutrition in plants
Posted- 1984 days ago
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  • HETEROTROPHIC NUTRITION : Heterotrophic organisms are those which cannot synthesize their own food. These organisms obtain their food from plants and other animal sources. This type of nutrition is called heterotrophic nutrition. In this type of nutrition, the organic components of the food are digested into simple forms and then utilised by the organism. All animals, bacteria and examples of heterotrophic organisms.

    Heterotrophic nutrition is classified into three types : (i) Saprophytic nutrition (ii) Parasitic nutrition (iii) Holozoic nutrition.
  • SAPROPHYTIC NUTRITION : Organisms obtaining nutrients from dead and decaying organic matter are called saprophytes and their mode of nutrition is called saprophytic nutrition. Many species of bacteria and different types of fungi are saprophytes.
  • PARASITIC NUTRITION : If an organism depends on another living organism for nutrition, its mode of nutrition is called parasitic nutrition. Such organisms are called parasites and the organism from which they obtain nutrition is called host. The host organism is harmed by the parasite. Parasitic nutrition is observed in some bacteria, fungi, flowering plants like cuscuta and animal like ascaris.
  • HOLOZOIC NUTRITION : Holozoic nutrition involves intake of parts of plants or animals or an organism as a whole by the process of ingestion which is then digested and absorbed. Some examples are amoeba, frog, insects, human being, etc.

Nutrition of organisms which need ready made complex organic molecules,they obtain these wither directlyfrom plants,or from organismswhich have fed on plants.Thus heterotrophic organisms are the consumers in an ecosystem.


Animals and most other organisms take in ready made food prepared by the plants.They are called as heterotrophs (heteros=other trophs = noursishment) nutrition. Some plants also depend on the food produced by the other plants.They use heterotrophic mode of nutrition.

Eg. Cuscuta


sometimes plants lack the availability of sufficient minerals and water so they depend on the other organism for their food.plants which use this type of nutrition are called heterotrophs.


Animals and most other organisms  take in ready made food prepared by the plants.They are called Hetrotrophs.


the mode of nutrition also seen in plants by which they directly consume other insects.


 Hetrotrophic is the act of taking food from other decaying plants and animals because that some plants don't have the ability to produce food due to the lack of chlorophyll. if you need some examples you could take mushrooms,they won't produce food they feed on dead and decaying organisms , and thats why the grow on places like that.