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find out more about the changes in print technology in the last 100 years.write about the changes, explaining why they have taken place, what their consequences have been.write about 200 words.


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WOMEN: - The main emphasis of the reformers in India was the emancipation of the women. Soon many journals began carrying articles as to why women should be educated. With the spread of education among women, many women began writing about their problems and how to solve them. Rashsundari Debi, Kailashbashini Debi, Tarabai Shinde, Pandita Ramabai and some of other women writers wrote about the problems and experiences of women- how women imprisoned at homes were kept in ignorance, forced to do hard domestic labour and even then treated unjustly by the very people they served. It was basically the print media, which helped these women writers to carry on the work of emancipation of these women.

THE POOR: - The pring culture not only took up the cause of women but equally it took up the problems of the poor classes of the society. The labourers, the workers and the downtrodden etc. The educated among these neglected and poor classes of society themselves took up the cause of these neglected sections of the society and tried to uplift them. Kanpur mill workers like Kashibaba and Sudarshan Chakra wrote against the exploitation of the mill workers. The mill workers all over the country set up libraries to educate themselves. Writers like Jotiba Phule and B.R.Ambedkar and E.V.Ramaswamy Naicker wrote powerfully about caste system and people all over India read their writings. Their teachings had a healthy spell on society and slowly and slowly the shackles of the caste system began to give way-leaving space to a free social structure.

REFORMERS: -In the 19th century the print media greatly helped the reformers to reform the Indian society and religion with the help of newspaper, magazines etc. They were able to attack such social evils as widow immolation, child marriage, idolatry, the caste system and Brahmanical priesthood. The Muslim reforms also attacked the Purdha system and lack of education among Muslim women. Now as a result of the print culture their ideas spread far and wide and left a great impact on the society. Through the pring media the general public could also express there views quite easily and help the reformers in their work.