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In what ways are Democracy accountable, responsive & legitimate form of govt?

Posted- 1974 days ago
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Promotes equality among citizens;



Enhances the dignity of the


Improves the quality of decisionmaking;


conflicts; and

Provides a method to resolve


Allows room to correct mistakes

The most basic

outcome of democracy is that

it produces a government that is

accountable to the citizens, and

responsive to the needs and expectations

of the citizens.

Democracy is based on the idea of

deliberation and negotiation and

The following practices:

regular, free and fair elections; open

public debate on major policies and

legislations; and citizens’ right to

information about the government and

its functioning is guarenteed in a democracy.

Democracies have had greater

success in setting up regular and free

elections and in setting up conditions for

open public debate.


government is legitimate government.

Democratic government is people’s own

government. That is why there is an

overwhelming support for the idea of

democracy all over the world.

People wish to be ruled by

representatives elected by them. They

also believe that democracy is suitable

for their country. Democracy’s ability

to generate its own support is itself an

outcome that cannot be ignored.



right and the means to examine the

process of decision making.which is called transparency.