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What are the different forms of power sharing?

Posted- 1948 days ago
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Different forms of Power Sharing are:-

1. Between various organs of the govt. - This is also called Horizontal Power Sharing. in this, Power is shared between the three organs of the govt, ie. Legislature, Executive and Judiciary. In this arrangement, no organ is above or below any other. There is a check and balance system.

2. Between various levels of govt - This is also called Vertical Power Sharing. In this, Power is decentralised among the various levels of the govt, ie. National or Cental govt, State govt and Local govt.

3. Between different social groups - In this, power is shared by different social groups, like women, SC, ST etc.

4. Between Political parties and pressure groups - Power is also shared by different political parties and pressure groups. In democracy, people have the right to be a part of the govt and share power.


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