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What are the various constellations visible in India, visible via naked eyes??

Posted- 1950 days ago
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There are 88 constellations in the sky. Most of these are viewable from both observers in both the northern and southern hemispheres, depending on the time of year. A few stars are circumpolar stars, meaning they are visible year-round from one hemisphere or the other. VARIOUS CONSTELLATIONS VISIBLE IN INDIA WITH THEIR SANSKRIT NAMES ARE-
Mesha, the ram (Aries); Vrishabha, the bull (Taurus); Mithuna, the pair, the twins (Gemini); Karka, Karkata, Karkataka, the crab (Cancer); Sithha, the lion (Leo); Kanya, the maiden (Virgo); Tula, the scales (Libra); Vrischika, the scorpion (Scorpio); Dhanus, the bow (Sagittarius); Makara, the seamonster (Capricornus); Kumbha, the water-pot (Aquarius); and Mina, the fishes (Pisces).