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What is 'SILVER ALL TEA CUPS' in Trigonometry???

Posted- 2406 days ago
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It means the following:

1. All = All the trigonometric ratios are positive in the first quadrant.

2. Silver = Only the Sine trigonometric ratio is positive in the second quadrant. Rest are negative.

3. Tea  = Only the Tangent trigonometric ratio is positive in the third quadrant.      "       "      .

4. Cups = Only the Cosine trigonometric ratio is positive in the fourth quadrant.      "       "      .


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my friend....! this is used in the quadrant system of trigonometry

actually it is all silver tea cups

all denotes that all trigonometric ratios are positive

silver denotes that onle trigonometric ratios of sine are positive

tea denotes that trigonometric ratios of tan are positive  

cups denote that trigo. ratios of cos are positive in this quadrant.


First of all it is not SILVER ALL TEA CUPS but ALL SILVER TEA CUPS

ALL-It means all SIN,COS,TAN,COSEC,SEC,COT are positive in first quodrant

SILVER-It means SIN,COSEC are positive in second quodrant

TEA-It means TAN,COT are positive in third quodrant

CUPS-It means COS,SEC are positive in fourth quodrant

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