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Name some tributaries of Krishna

Posted- 1781 days ago
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The Tungabhadra,the Koyana,the Ghatprabha,the Musi and the Bhima

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Tungabhadra, Koyana, Ghatprabha
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The Taungabhadra, the Koyana, the Ghatprabha, the Musi and the Bhima are some of its tributaries.

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Ghatprabha, Koyana, Tungabhadra, Musi, Bhima

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Its most important tributary is the Tungabhadra River, which is formed by the Tunga River and Bhadra River that originate in the Western Ghats. Other tributaries include the Koyna River, Bhima River (and its tributaries such as the Kundali River feeding into the Upper Bhima River Basin), Malaprabha River, Ghataprabha River, Yerla River, Warna River, Dindi River, Musi River and Dudhganga River.

The rivers Koyna River, Vasna, Panchganga River, Dudhganga, Ghataprabha River,Malaprabha River and Tungabhadra River join Krishna from the right bank; while the Yerla River, Musi River, Maneru and Bhima rivers join the Krishna from the left bank

Three tributaries meet Krishna river near Sangli. Warana River meets Krishna river near Sangli at Haripur. This spot is also known as Sangameshwar. Panchganga River meets Krishna river at Narsobawadi near Sangli. These places are very holy. It is said that Lord Dattatraya spent some of his days at Audumber on the banks of river Krishna.

  • Krishna River Tributories
    • Munneru River in Andhra Pradesh
      • Akeru River in Andhra Pradesh
    • Paleru River in Andhra Pradesh
    • Musi River in Andhra Pradesh
    • Tungabhadra River
      • Vedavathi River
        • Suvarnamukhi River
        • Veda River
        • Avathi River
      • Varada River
      • Tunga River
      • Bhadra River
    • Bhima River in Karnataka and Maharashtra
      • Sina River
      • Nira River
      • Mula-Mutha River
        • Mula River
        • Mutha River
      • Chandani River
      • Kamini River
      • Moshi River
      • Bori River
      • Man River
      • Bhogwati River
      • Indrayani River
        • Kundali River
      • Kumandala River
      • Ghod River
      • Bhama River
      • Pavna River
    • Malaprabha River
    • Ghataprabha River
    • Varma River
    • Koyna River


Tungabadra, Musi, Bhima


 The principal tributaries joining Krishna are the Ghataprabha, the Malaprabha, the Bhima, the Tungabhadra and the Musi. Most part of this basin comprises rolling and undulating country except the western border which is formed by an unbroken line of ranges of the Western Ghats.



Ghatprabha, Koyana, Tungabhadra, Musi, Bhima