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What are the steps taken by the government to protect flora and fauna?

Posted- 1717 days ago
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many steps have been taken

to protect flora fauna government had take many steps- 1)14 biosphere reserves are set up in india. 2)sandbers in west bengal,nilgiri in keral and nanda devi in utrakhand 3)project tiger,project rhino and great indian bustard projects have been introduced..

in 1960's and 1970's conservationists demanded a national wildlife protection programme . the indian wildlife proection act was implemented in 1972, with various provisions for protecting habitats.  most recently , the indian elephant . black buck (chinkara) , the great indian bustard (godawan) and the snow leopard, etc have been given full or partial legal protection against hunting and trade throughout india


the conservation is now focusing on biodiversity rather than on a few of its components