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Posted- 1642 days ago
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sound waves need a medium to travel. In earth sound waves travel in air. Since there is no air in moon we cannot hear the sound.


The sound needs a medium to travel.there is no air in moon for sound to travel. so we cannot hear sound in moon.But iI have a doubt...If there is water in moon,theremust be air also because water is made up of oxygen.


NO...sound requires a medium to travel.since there is no air, we cannot hear in the moon.


No.Sound neads a medium for propogation.On moon since there is no atmosphere sound cannot propogate.


no, because, To travling the sound waves requird medium ( on earth this is air) and at moon their is no medium so we can't hear any sound.


yes, we cant hear answer, but some says that neil armstrong hear the sound in moon, that is lie, am i right