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write an aricle on coping with loss in context to a dog named duke
Posted- 1482 days ago
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articles r ma favourits siddhi.......

so tc dis ......

i had him as my companion..someone who neither flattered me nor put me down...he couldn.t talk but heard all the silly stories that i cudn't share wid anyone..wen i was wid him i felt closer to da etenal..we luvd widout companion-DUKE

i thought we wud never be seperate bt time thought me harsh realities..he grew older my mother said..he bcam incapable and one day fell to the prey of the venomous death..for a while i cudnt comprehend that he was dead ..i just thought he was sleeping and waiting for me to cuddle him ..but no he lay there just...i shouted his name and tried to lure him away from death..all in family paid a humble homage to him..he is for everyone dead in th egraveyard but i just cudnt leave him...everyday i pass by to the school i put mariegolds at the foot of his grave and remember the memories of us together...he had a place in my heart then and forever ........and he is FOREVER ALIVE



hope u lik dis yaar



 he  the  hooper  was  abusy  man  and now he  become  paralised.but  he had  been control  his  mind  &his  body  from all sickness.he  now become paralised so he  cannt  move  or  play  as  he  was auniversity  football player inpast.and  now he is not  coping  with  loss

i need an article coping with loss in hopper chapter