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Write a summary on the poem 'Lord Ullin's Daughter' in about 150 words?
Posted- 1455 days ago
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A Scottish chieftain is in love with the daughter of Lord Ullin. The Scots have close knit clans and are very proud of their clans. This often resulted in feuds and fights. Lord Ullin does not approve of his daughter's choice and threatens to kill the chief's son. The two lovers escape and come to a large lake called the loch. It is a stormy night and going into the lake in this weather could be quite dangerous. The chieftain's son offers the boatman a silver pound to ferry them across. The boatman is quite surprised at this request and would like to know who they are. The lover tells him. They have been running for 3 days now. He is sure that if caught he will be killed. His blood will stain the heather. The brave boatman offers to take them across. He says that he does so not for money, but because of the charming lady. It is not for her silver bright but for her winsome lady. The dark clouds gathered. The storm grew fierce. The lady pleaded with the men to hurry. She would rather venture into the stormy waters than meet the wrath of her father. I'll meet the raging of the skies. But not an angry father. The lovers were taken into the stormy waters. But the winds were hard and the tempest too strong. The boat soon capsized and the frail occupants of the boat fell into the lake and were soon drowned. Just at that moment Lord Ullin reached the bank. His anger had melted away and now he was close to tears his wrath was changed to wailing. He saw the raised hand of his child, before she sank into the water with her lover. He called out to her in grief, promising to accept her lover the chief's son. But he was too late. The lovers had met their watery grave.

the chief of ullins isle is the lower of lord ullins daughter.for the past 3 days they have been a on the run as lord ullins men are behind them.they reached the lake lochgyle at night.the water is raging fiercly and the wind is growing wilder.thr chief of ulvas isle request the boat man cross the water as fast as possible.the boat man agree not for the sake of silver pound but for the sake of lord ullins innessant and charming daughter.he takes the risk in that stormy and dangerous weather the boat starts in the limpest and as the night grows darker the wind wilder and the waves raged loudapace.the daughter also asked the boatman to make haste as she is afraid of her angry lord ullinreaches the shore they are in the middle of the storm.he watched helplessly his daughter and lower drowning before his eyes.her one hand strtched out for aid and the other one is around her lower.lord ullin shouts to them and asked them to come back.but it was in vail.the raging water murderously swallows his daughter and her lover .and lord ullin s left leventing for his child.