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write the short summary of nationalism in india?
Posted- 1310 days ago
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the chapter of nationalism in india chapter discusses about the various movements undertaken by our national and freedom fightters the main events talked about in this chapter are khilafatmovement,noncooperation movement,jallianwalabagh massarce,guerrilamovement,civildisobedience movement. KHILAFAT MOVEMENT: it was carried out by muslims againstbirtish for khalifa or ottoman emperor who was considered as spiritual leader of muslims NON COOPERATION MOVEMENT: it was carried out by gandhiji and other leaders to boycott foreign goods and services in a large scale which was called off after chaurichaura incident occured. GUERILLA MOVEMENT:it was led by legendary hero alluri sitaramaraju who thought violence as the only way to achieve poorna swaraj and led a violent movement in the gudem hills of andhrapradesh. CIVILDISOBEDIENCEMOVEMENT:it is similar to noncooperation movement which included even salt march and can be calledas noncooperation movement's re launching CHEERS TO YOU!
summary of nationalism in india