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you are the did you feel when your granddaughter gave you the novel 'kashi yatre'?write your feeling in your diary.
Posted- 1199 days ago
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DIARY ENTRY YOU--------------------------------------------------------------------------DIARY 24/4/2011 8:00 pm sunday today i am very hapy as i have learnt to was my dream that have come true.the desire to learn was always their in my heart but the circumstances were not favourable.i am greatful to my granddaughter for being so concentrate and patient with me and taught me how to read in such a short she gifted me my favourite novel "KASHI YATRE" written by famous writer i learnt to read,i became very happy to see i identify myself with the novel's protagonist i read it with so interest and became curious to know what will happen next to the i feel independent because i learnt how to read and i will not depend on others to know the story.this was only possible because of my granddaughter and her efforts on me to make me able to read. avva.
Today, I am very elated by my present situation. It is a turning point in my life. I have, at last, learnt the Kannada alphabet. My joy knows no bounds. I am overwhelmed by the unexpected action of my granddaughter. I was choked with emotions when she gifted me a copy of Kashi Yatre-something I always wanted to read on my own. What touches me deeply is not the gift but her love for me. I will never be able to return the favour offered by my teacher who showed immense patience and maturity and helped bring about this new day in my life when I can enjoy reading a book on my own.