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summary of villa for sale
Posted- 1138 days ago
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summary- this is a business of a villa,where some were cheated and some got profit.there is both profit and loss. but at last all were happy and all ended well.this also taught us that never get cheated . think before you do something you speak something.

Juliette,the owner of the villa is in a disappointment of not able to sell the villa. Gaston and jeanne come inside . gaston is not in a mood to buy the villa as he knows that even of they buy a villa it will go to jeanne's parents. while jeanne is upstairs with juliette, mrs al smith enters with a decision of buying the villa. gaston acts as the husband and sells off the villa to her for a large amount .then he takes a turn and decides to buy the villa from juliette . on the bargain gaston makes a profit of hundred thousand francs.