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summary of chapter 'a shady plot'

Posted- 996 days ago
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It's about a man who is cocky of his writing abilities

It's about a man who is cocky of his writing abilities

It is a story about a man john hallock who is a (ghost)story writer.He writes for two reason.firstly ,his readers loved his stories which had life and Secondly money was an important thing for day when he sits to write material things like his wife lavinia's craze for shopping and all comes to his mind. suddenly a ghostly figure appears before him and talks to him.Her name was helen and she tells him her story and tat they were on a stike.she asks him not to use ouija board and also to ensure that neither of his friends uses it. But it is at that time his wife appears anf shows him the ouija board that she had brought for him as a help ,so that he would be able to write his story well without referring to any books and all.She also arranges an ouija board party and invites all her friends. She also asks him to play it. At first he refuses to play it as he had promised helen that he wont use it.But his wife forces him and he plays it. Helen ,through everyone's oija board tries to communicate with john hallock and also calls him a betrayer. but everyone in the room misunderstands him.they thought the ghost was someone whom john had cheated. His wife lavinia started making movements for divorce.But at last his wife understands that he had not cheated her and that she was a ghost.His wife thus forgives him and john started writing his ghost story. THE END *this is what i understood by reading this story *you can also refer to the site given below