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summary of my mother at sixty six
Posted- 963 days ago
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my mother at sixty six is a poem that brings out the poet's most terrible childhood fear, that of seperation from her mother.

when she is driving to the airport that day in the car she sees her mother dozing beside her open - mouthed, her face is very pale and ashen just like that of a corpse, and so the poet realises that her mother would not live for very long.

she looks out of the window to distract herself when she notices the children coming out of their homes and she realises that, like me they too, are leaving behind their parents and homes to achieve sumthin greater in life.

at the airport, after the security check, when the poet looks at her mother, she is reminded of the moon, late at night in winter's, which is pale and colourless, and which does not live for very long, disappearing as soon as dawn breaks. all these observations bring back her childhood fear of losing her mother so she feels "the familiar ache." at the end, when bidding goodbye to her mother, the poet says words of hope saying they would meet again soon although she herself knows that this may not b posible. she keeps a smile on her face to hide her sorrow, pain and fear.


n this poem, Kamala Das explores the theme of ageing and death and isolation through a narration involving her mother.

While driving from her parent’s home to Cochin, she notices her mother sitting beside her dozing, her face pale like a dead body and her thoughts far away. This reminds her painfully that her mother is old and could pass away leaving her alone.

Putting that thought aside she looked out at the young trees speeding by and children running out of their homes happily to play. These remind her probably of youth and life, her own younger days and her mother when she was young.

But after the security check at the airport, looking back at her mother standing a few yards away, she finds her looking pale like the winter moon. She feels that familiar pain and childhood fear of the thought of losing her mother and of being lonely just as she had been when she was young because she was different from other children. She could only keep smiling and tell her ‘see you soon’ knowing full well that she might not see her.

My mother at sixty six ,written by Kamala Das states the relation a daughter and a mother.In this poem, the poet describes about her thoughts rolling down in her mind about her mother on her way to the airport to cochin from he parents' home. On her way she noticed her mother dozing beside her open mouthed is compared to a corpse. She is struck with the horror and pain of losing her. The poet is pained and shifts her attention outside the car in order to drive out the negative feelings. The scene outside the window is of growing life and energy. The rapidly sprinting trees alongside the merrily, playing children symbolize youth and vitality. The poet here is reminded of her own childhood when her mother had been young whereas now she is encircled with the fear of losing her and that has made her insecure. As she bids goodbye to her mother at the airport, the image of the old mother in the twilight of years strikes her again but keeping a brave front she hides her tears and smile tells her mother who is standing miles away good bye to comfort her mother from her fear of her nearing death.