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What is difference between Economic And Non-economic activities????

Posted- 2393 days ago
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Economic activity is  any legal activity which is carried out to earn livelyhood. e.g. businees, profeson etc are economic activity.

NON-economic activity are those activity which perfomed out of love ,sympahty, affection etc. These activity may be legal or may not be. e.g. theft, cooking food for family



economic activity is the activity that affects the economy.the person who performs an eco.activity earns a reward(livelihood).for eg:working for a firm, working as a maid. non eco. activity does not affects the economy.the person performing it does not get a reward.foreg:mother working in the house


In simple terms economic activity can be defined as the activity which would generate some income,and non economic activities are those which don' is done to attain psycological satisfaction.



Economic activities are those activities which are undertaken for a monetary gain. Working in a factory or office, shop run by a shopkeeper, treatment of a patient by a doctor are examples of economic activities. 

Non-economic activities are those activities which are undertaken for personal satisfaction or for social services and not earning money. Social services rendered by a Non-Government Organization (NGO) to flood victims is an example of non-economic activity.


the activity which gives income in return is called economic activity. agricultural work, working in schools, any institution come under economic activity.

the activity which do not give income in return is called non- economic activity. social service and house- hold works come under non- economic activity.