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Unlock your true potential

Extramarks CAP

The most comprehensive online guidance program for the students from grade 9th to 12th to select a fitting course and career

Why you should take CAP

  • Most of us are unaware of our natural abilities.
  • CAP assists students to introspect their true potential.
  • Effective selection of a career, aligned with student's potential, will lead to a fruitful future.

Personality Assessment

  • Personality plays an important role in choosing the fitting career.
  • This test measures the natural behavior of students in different situations.

Aptitude Measurement

  • Aptitude is the inherent qualities that you possess.
  • This test measures your natural ability to perform various types of tasks.

Career Preference Test

  • Select careers of your choice from an extensive range of Career fields.
  • 200 career fields to choose from.

Report Card: Detail analysis and mapping

A thorough analysis is done to map your interest to your personality and aptitude. As a result you get to know:

  • Shiny and dull facets of your personality
  • Ingrained qualities that you possess
  • Suitable career fields for you

Expert advice: Ask our counselors

  • Our experts solve your queries, over phone or in person.
  • Their productive advice is based on your test result, and your future aspiration.
  • Furthermore we also value your parent aspirations, while providing the feedback.