Biological Scientists-Ecologists

What Is It

Ecology is about the environment, the ecosystem and their relationship with living organisms. Ecologists study the interrelationships between animals, plants, human beings, their activities and their environment. They give advice to organizations environmental damage. Ecologists guide their research with a view to protect the environment, for example, from pollution, intensive farming, road building schemes and city sprawl into the countryside.


10+2 with PCB. After that one can pursue a bachelor degree in environmental sciences or environmental engineering. For most positions further specializations are required that can be achieved through Masters and a PhD


Ecologists have a wide scope in a variety of fields. Forestry, environmental regulatory authorities, municipal corporations, agri based industries, other industries where it is mandatory to follow the norms on environmental pollution, Oil and gas to name a few. Growing awareness about ecological imbalances due to human activities has lead to a growth in scope of ecological and environmental scientists and engineers.