Biological Scientists-Parasitologist

What Is It

Parasitology is the scientific study of parasites. Parasitologists study and evaluate the relationship between parasitic organisms and their hosts and different types of parasites. The Study of parasites draws on other disciplines like microbiology, organic chemistry, and cytology. The Study is applied in human as well as veterinary sciences and examine the relationship between parasites that invade and cause damage to the animal or human body and also the harmful vectors that the parasites carry. Parasitilogists are involved in the control and treatment of parasitic infections. He also suggests means to combat diseases originating from them


It requires a strong biology can enter the stream after doing MBBS or BVSc. Though one can do science graduation and enter the field those with BVSc or MBBS are prefered.


They have a lot of scope in various universities, medical institutes, veterinary colleges and institutes and research centers, marine life institutes